We are a group of free-flight enthusiasts, flying our paragliders from various sites all over the island.

How it all began?

In 2001, Claus Vischer, a German paragliding instructor, assisted us in finding a launch site on Skyline Drive near Kingston. That was probably the first time when paragliding was witnessed in Jamaica. Instructor Jurgs Von Dueszeln took it from there and explored new flying sites together with local pilots.

Today two handful of locally trained pilots fly from Skyline, Kingston above Hope Gardens or John Crow Hill, Malvern near Treasure Beach and other sites all over the island.


What is Paragliding about?

Paragliding is an adventure activity and aerial sport which started in the 80s in Europe and has since branched out into various sub-disciplines such as 'Cross Country' flying, 'Aerobatics', or 'Spot Landing', supported by national and international competitions, many of them sanctioned by the International Aeronautical Federation (FAI). Some of our local pilots go abroad to participate in such competitions. 

We have a FaceBook group for everything Paragliding in Jamaica. Jurgs also has a FB page related to his services. Check it out and LIKE it if you are interested!


How to get involved?

We would be happy to get you involved in this fantastic outdoor activity. If you think, paragliding is only for adolescent daredevils, think again: paragliding is for men and women alike, and for the young as well as for the young at heart.

click above for video

click above for video

It is best to start with a tandem flight to get a feel about floating high in the air.

Once you have learned how to fly a paraglider and decided to own your personal flying gear, there is no additional cost like a fuel charge for an airplane or other fees to get you up into the sky to enjoy the third dimension. Paragliding is an aircraft in a backpack and allows you to soar for hours like a bird.

If  you want to find out more about paragliding, check for details on the FAQ  page.



Paragliding is fulfilling an old dream of flying. We want to make paragliding popular as an adventure activity and sport as well as a tourist attraction in Jamaica. It is the simplest and most affordable way of flying and we believe that this sport is safer than its reputation makes us believe.